CynoCast-Like No Other Web Presentation Tool

CynoCast-Like No Other Web Presentation Tool

CynoCast is launching its new interactive sales presentation WebTool here on Fill the today.  CynoCast integrates new, interactive capabilities that engage your audience whether it is with one or 1,000+ participants.  It runs right from your own site, so it’s a simple and hassle-free way to sell and support both prospects and customers.  CynoCast is a low-bandwidth program that will drive down the cost of presenting to any size business.

cynocast-linkIf you use WebEx®, GoToMeeting® or a similar presentation tool, you’ve been presenting in one or two dimensions, with sight and possibly sound. CynoCast is a new, web-based technology that adds a significant 3rd dimension to your presentations – Interactivity. It is this interactivity that transforms a run-of-the-mill sales presentation into taking prospects to the next step – Closing The Sale!

The key differentiator of CynoCast over other tools is that it is a content delivery tool, not screen-sharing like WebEx® or GoToMeeting® where you see the presenter’s desktop. Therefore, you have the ability to deliver “actionable” web forms – pages the audience can fill-out and submit back instantly while you have them on the phone.  Every viewer’s screen displays ‘live’ web pages, and each viewer has the ability to individually interact with what they see on their screen.

They can fill out a web form or navigate through options for your product or service.  How about filling out a mortgage application or insurance claim live with 2,000 people on the same CynoCast?  Because each screen is live and unique to each participant, the actions and information can be privately submitted.  Each participant can be filling out an application, web form, registration or contract, all at the same time – and in complete privacy.

With CynoCast, each member of your sales staff can have their own presentation going on concurrently.  They can interact live with your prospects or customers; explaining your product or services; showing the presentation or video that you have on your website; and then allowing each of the participants to submit their own order form right then.  Secure, private and immediate sales are now possible.

Once you have experienced this technology in action, the creative and innovative ideas of how you can use this within your company will absolutely explode. Here are some ideas to get you thinking in the right direction:

Close Deals Faster

  • Navigate your site quickly for your audience.
  • Launch sign-up pages and order forms at the right moment during the presentation.
  • Walk your audience through filling out and submitting your company order form.
  • Avoid “presentation disconnect” by instantly delivering Office documents, PDF’s and company brochures while you are presenting.

Shorten Customer Support Calls

  • Deliver a compelling online experience that your customers will remember.
  • Reduce the length of each inbound support call by navigating your site for customers.
  • Launch relevant documents or web forms instantly to your customer and eliminate emailing attachments when the presentation is finished.
  • Steer customers to a recorded CynoCast that answers commonly asked questions.
  • Overcome language and accent barriers by sending web pages that corroborate what your support rep says.

Work More Efficiently

  • Hold impromptu presentations at any time right from your own site. No log-in’s or registrations are required for you or your audience.
  • Add prospects to your presentation in just seconds by simply speaking your presentation URL of “”.
  • Eliminate emails by delivering any electronic document to your entire audience with just one click.

Avoid the startup hassles of typical meeting software… CynoCast’s 100% Flash-based technology requires no downloads or installations for the customer.

If you are looking for that competitive advantage that will help you win new business, Cynocast is a no-brainer.  There is simply nothing else like it available.

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