EchoSign-Accelerate Your Sales Closures

EchoSign-Accelerating Your Sales Closures

The Webtools that I write about in Fill the Funnel all possess a common trait-they measurably enhance your sales productivity. The activities required to become and remain a success in sales are clearly documented in the work of many experts in the field.  The Webtools featured here allow you to accomplish those tasks in a dramatically accelerated way.  They automate and scale your sales activities in ways that have not been possible before.

EchoSign™ is such a WebTool.  It accelerates and enhances the closure of the last step in most salesEchosign transactions-obtaining the signatures.  Simple, focused and very elegant in its purpose, it delivers results as soon as you have set up your account.  If your business is dependent on getting the signature on sales agreements or contracts, Echosign is a must-have if you are serious about increasing your sales results.

How many more deals could your sales efforts produce if you could:

  • Get a signature from the customer while still on the phone?
  • Have signed contracts delivered right to their inbox – no more waiting by the fax!
  • Track every contract’s status in real time?

How does EchoSign work? You just email your agreements for signature using your account.  Their servers automatically and securely take care of delivering the document and making sure that it gets signed and e-mailed right back to you as a PDF.

  • You Send for Signature-EchoSign makes it as easy as possible for you to get a signature. You can email through EchoSign the document you need signed through the webmail-like interface.  And pick what type of signature you want — electronic or fax.
  • Customer Signs Manually-When you send the document through EchoSign, the recipient just opens the email, like they already do, and prints, signs and faxes back the document — again, just like they do today. Only easier. Your customer doesn’t even have to make a fax cover sheet or find your fax number – EchoSign automatically gives them the fax cover sheet, complete with a secure EchoSign fax number


  • Customer Signs via E-Sign-To move even faster pick the e-Signature option. The recipient can sign right on the screen — in two clicks or less!

You’re Done-EchoSign’s servers automatically route signed copies as PDFs to whoever needs them — not only you and the other party, but if you want, anyone else — legal, accounting, HR, your boss, your assistant, anyone. It’s 100% automated, and no one but you and the intended recipients ever receive or read the document.

Echosign status screenUsing Echosign, you will never lose track.  You have the ability to see exactly what stage it is at and who has it.  The insanity that frequently occurs at the end of the month, quarter or year is much less likely to occur when using EchoSign. Integration-For those of you who use, EchoSign for Salesforce allows EchoSign to run entirely and transparently from within Salesforce. Simply click on a new link in Opportunities or Contact entitled “New Agreement”, attach the unsigned contact, and EchoSign does all the rest for you. Point, Click and move on.

EchoSign provides multiple pricing options for you to consider.  They offer a Free Option and it is the perfect way to try it out.

Does this really work?  EchoSign is processing over $200,000,000 a month and the average time to signature is 42 minutes.  You think you want some of that?

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