Eventbrite-Grow Your Business with Live Events

Eventbrite-Grow Your Business with Live Events

Do you connect with prospects, customers and vendors through Live Events?  If you do, you know the time and organization that it requires to pull off a successful event. If you have not used Events in your sales/marketing outreach you are missing an excellent opportunity to grow your business.

Eventbrite logoEventbrite is an online WebTool that provides valuable resources that will go a long way in assuring your events are successful.  It is also the engine behind LinkedIn Events capability.

The Eventbrite service includes many features and tools that are intended to let you perform three key tasks well:

  • Publish-everything you need to create and easily personalize a custom web page for your event. Simply complete the online form when creating your event. The information you will need when you begin is:
    • Event Title
    • Ticket Information-Name, Price/Free/Donation, and Quantity of tickets available. There is great flexibility of options for you to select from.  Here are the options you have to work with at this stage:
      Eventbrite Publish Options Screen

      Eventbrite Publish Options Screen

    • Event Details-this is where you provide your event write-up, Agenda, Speaker information, etc.
    • Date & Time-you also have the option to elect to have this be a repeating event, saving time in the future.
    • Where-Once you add the name of the venue and the address, your attendee will not only see the address but also a Google map.
    • Host-this is where you provide more information about Speaker and your organization.
    • You have several additional display options such as showing number or tickets sold, attendee list and more.
  • Promote-tools you need to spread the work about your event and maximize attendance.
    • This is where the real power and value of Eventbrite starts to show.  Reporting options, Affiliate Sales, and Day of Event actions. Here is what you have to work with:
      Eventbrite Event Status Screen

      Eventbrite Event Status Screen

    • You are provided with email Invitations and reminders of your event.  You have the option of using a built-in contact manager if you choose. You are also provided with Widgets, HTML buttons and banners to help promote your event on your website or on the sites of your business partners.  You also have the option of listing your event in the public Eventbrite directory, opening up your event to a much broader audience.  The purpose and scope of your event will dictate your decision.
  • Sell-provides the immediate capability to sell tickets and collect attendance fees online.

Eventbrite requires a bit of set-up in advance.  You must provide information about you, your company, and how you would like to collect the ticket fees. Currently, you will select from one of three options for ticket payment processing including:

  • Eventbrite Payment Processing
  • Google Checkout
  • PayPal

The transaction fees for each method are almost identical, ranging from 1.9% to 3.00% and a possible transaction fee of 30¢.  In addition, Eventbrite charges a fee of 2.5% of the ticket price plus 99¢ transaction fee (maximum fee for this portion is $9.95).  If your event is free there is no service charge from Eventbrite!

After you have completed the step by step setup, here is what your audience will see:

Eventbrite User Registration

Eventbrite User Registration

Eventbrite will provide you the structure and tools to host your own event successfully.  You will wonder how you were ever able to live without Eventbrite. I have used Eventbrite for local as well as national events, both fee-based and free.  The flexibility it provides has enhanced the quality of the customer experience and provides a professional image of our company.  Small services provided like being able to print name badges (in numerous formats) and attendee lists reduce the pre-event stress that had always been present prior to Eventbrite.

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