Evernote-Accessing The Memory of An Elephant

Evernote-Accessing The Memory of An Elephant

Using the web as often as most of us are, it is sometimes a struggle to organize or file all of the useful information that we come across. My bookmarks list had become unwieldy and unstructured. I found myself missing the days of the file drawer, where I kept stuffing everything that was important to me. That was until I started using Evernote. I no longer miss my file drawer of old.
Evernote LogoEvernote is one of those Webtools that will make you smile when you use it. Evernote simplifies capturing information including text, web pages, photos, screenshots, emails and audio and provides an amazing structure to retrieve the information at some point in the future. You can capture pretty much anything and add it to your account. Everything you capture is automatically processed, indexed and made searchable. You have the ability to organize the information into notebooks if that is how you like to categorize information.

Evernote functions flawlessly with most devices that have internet connectivity.

They are constantly adding new features that work the way you work. One of the challenges that are only going to get worse over time is the ability to capture all of the information that you come across and would like to remember. You might be at your desk, possibly with a client on-site, and frequently mobile. How do you capture all the important information that is coming at you from these various locations, sources and formats? More importantly, how will you be able to get access to this information when you need it?

Here are some of the ways that Evernote will be of benefit:

  • Keep notes from your meetings.
  • Take a picture of a whiteboard.
  • Take a photo of a business card from your phone.
  • Capture receipts on your business trips.
  • Create notes right from Twitter and save tweets that you like.
  • Never lose another to-do list or random thought.
  • Remember where you parked the car at the airport

Once this information is captured, Evernote magically converts it into a searchable format.  That whiteboard capture of your masterful new purchasing work-flow will be available via search based on the tags you used such as customer name, date, location, subject.  You get the idea.

There are versions available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, smartphones, and Linux so everyone should be covered. If you are an iPhone owner, I suggest you download the free Evernote app. You have buttons to capture text, snapshots, and voice recordings. Finding information is fast and reliable. Just tap on Notes and scroll until you find what you are looking for. You choose how the notes are grouped. Choices include date, title, notebook, or location.
Here is the breakdown of the differences between the free and Premium version:

Evernote feature comparison chart

Evernote-a WebTool that you can and will use every day after you sign up. Share some of the innovative ways that you use Evernote in the comments area below!

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