FlipShare-The Easiest Way to Create and Share Videos

FlipShare-The Easiest Way to Create and Share Videos

Flip CameraIf you have a need to capture brief video clips fast and conveniently, the line of Flip Video cameras will serve you well.  Capture an impromptu Customer testimonial.  Shoot a video of you warehouse team going the extra mile for a customer order.  Film a favorite speaker presentation.

You can do all this with a device that is half the size of your iPhone or Blackbery and do it in HD format with sound.  The problem is that I hadn’t been able to include this tool in the series because it wasn’t a Webtool.  It is a piece of hardware.  But I figured out how to do it when Flip announced there new online service to store all those videos-FlipShare.

FlipShare.com is the easiest way to privately share Flip videos with family and friends.

Requirements to access Flip Channel
  • Firefox 2 or greater
  • Safari 3 or greater
  • Internet Explorer 6 or greater
  • A monitor with least 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Javascript to be enabled

All you do is push the record button on your Flipcam, record your video,flip open the built-in USB connector and follow the simple instructions on the screen.  Your video(s) areFlip Logo uploaded without any challenges into your Flipshare account.  First time visiting will require you to create a login ID and password.  Once you have completed the upload process, your videos are ready for viewing or sharing.  Any of the Flip models work well, but I recommend the Mino HD version, providing the smallest size camera and High Definition recording capability.

Within Flipshare, you can watch your videos, email them to your friends or clients, and share them on Facebook, each with one simple click.  There is also an iPhone app that will let you view all your videos on your iPhone.

Simple – Fast – Effective.  You’ve got to get one of these and take advantage of the video capabilities of Flipshare and Flip videp cameras.

If  you would like to buy the camera recommended in the post, here is the link to Amazon: Flip MinoHD Camcorder, 60 Minutes (Black) (affiliate link)

Of course, the videos you capture can also be uploaded to Vimeo, YouTube or other online services you might be using.  If you haven’t added video to your sales effort, I encourage you to give it a try.  I think you will enjoy it.  When you complete your first masterpiece, email me so I can view your work.  Enjoy and have some fun.

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