InsideView- Close More Deals and Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

InsideView- Close More Deals and Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

SalesView ( is a Sales Intelligence WebTool that harnesses the potential of the web and delivers Information instantly that would otherwise take hours or even days to discover.  SalesView is a salesmakers dream tool!  Once you have experienced its value, you will not give it up without a fight.

Inside View LogoMost sales experts agree that a key component in Business to Business sales success today is knowledge about your customer.  If you are starting off a new client conversation with “tell me a bit about your business” the sale is already lost. So if you agree you need to do your homework, where do you begin?

Subscription databases can give you facts, news and data.  How do you sort through it all and organize it into a useful format.  Search engines are very good at finding the basic business information, but it is up to you to decide the relevance of the information.  LinkedIn and other social networks are helpful in identifying specific people and their relationships.  Your CRM solution might also hold some information of past history and activity.  Utilizing these tools and many more, you are able to gather a considerable volume of data, in as many formats as there are sources.

While the previous effort is commendable, it is not productive. It is not actionable. A desk-bound, computer-bound salesmaker is not going to achieve sales success.

SalesView provides a viable answer by continuously:

  • Monitoring thousands of data sources for information on companies, their employees and their activities.
  • Delivering alerts (which you can select) on key events
  • Identifying the best prospects in strategic target markets,
  • Highlighting connections between the user and decision-makers in your target accounts.

It provides this information in a format that is “there when you need it” but not in your way when it is not.

I have found the greatest benefits of using SalesView while in a ‘hunter’ role, prospecting and in some cases cold-calling or what I refer to as “first-calling”.  By aggregating and analyzing the immense mountain of data available on my prospective client and feeding it to me in actionable chunks in a useful format, SalesView has earned it’s way onto my “every day” list.

InsideView provides integration into the following CRM packages:

  1. Landslide
  2. Microsoft
  3. NetSuite
  4. Oracle
  6. SugarCRM

As you know by now, I am also a user. I will use my experience with the mashup of SalesView to share the screenshots of the seven different tabs of information available with this combination.  Everywhere you see red text or numbers, those are clickable links, allowing you to drill down into further information.  This is true for all tabs with in SalesView.

Analysis Tab

Tab 1_Analysis

Contains “agents” that you can configure to search for specific keywords.  You have standards provided including Leadership Changes and New Offerings.  Note the LinkedIn connector on the right hand side.

Key Info Tab

Tab 2_Key Info

Provides all core data from Revenue, Employee count, Address, Phone, Website, etc.

People Tab

Tab 3_People

Lists job titles down through Director level. When clicking on the number, drills down into specifics.

Buzz Tab

Tab 4_Buzz

Picks up Twitter threads, Blog mentions and overall social “buzz” about the company.  We have shared other tools earlier in this series that can do this as a stand-alone solution, however the value is greatly enhanced when it is all “mashed-up” in this format within your CRM tool.

News Tab

Tab 5_News

News stories from every major and secondary services relating to the company.  I have found that this knowledge gives you additional credibility and leverage in the right situation.  If your established sales methodology leverages change and movement within the customer (Basho), this will prove to be a gold mine for you.

Jobs Tab

Tab 6_Jobs

Selling IT products to the company?  Note that there is an opening for a Senior Storage Engineer.  Know anyone that might be a good fit?  Speed up or slow down your storage proposal?  Good information to know.

Competitors Tab (not available with Free version)

Provides information on competitors of the company. If you are having success with this company, why not move laterally and prospect the competitors as well.

SalesView maximizes sales productivity by delivering a one-stop shop for your prospecting needs and accelerates the sales cycle by enabling sales people to call the right prospects at the right time.

Oh, by the way, SalesView is Free.  There are SalesView Pro and SalesView Team versions with additional tools and services available when the need and results justify the move up.

The following quote is from one of the first Fill the Funnel consulting clients that we integrated   SalesView into:

“You have to promise me that you will NOT show SalesView to any of my competitors!  By the time they hear about this, I will already have my prospects converted into customers.”

Register for SalesView here and see for yourself the power of a well-thought out Sales 2.0 WebTool in action.  Share your results with us in the comments area below.

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