ando-Overcoming Large File Email Limitations

Pando-Overcoming Large File Email Limitations

Ever need to get an extra large proposal or RFP response to your client by the deadline and it get stuck in your email box or theirs because it is too large?  Have a large video file or a high-resolution photo that cannot get out of your email box?  If so, I’ve got a WebTool that will take both challenges off your to-do list.

Pando Logo2

Welcome to Pando!  I will cover the Personal version here with both free and Pro options available for your consideration.  Please note that there is also a Pando version for companies that you can learn more about on their website.

Pando provides the following key functions with the free version:

  • Accelerates and manages downloads of huge files and folders
  • Bypasses email attachment limits with small .pando attachments
  • Never clogs your inbox
  • Publish downloadable videos, photos and audio to any website.
  • Email files and folders up to 1 GB.
  • Use your existing email client.  No registration needed.
  • Know if your files are downloaded and how often.
  • No need to be online when recipients download.
  • No compression, FTP or flaky web uploads.

I have been Pando fan for over a year now, using it so frequently that I take it for granted.  With higher resolution cameras, HD video capability and extensive graphics in most of our business proposals, it was becoming a substantial bottle-neck to our productivity when we ran up against the file size limitations of email clients.  Pando offers a straight-forward download and installation for either the Basic (free) version or the Pro ($24.95 / year) version.

Here are the steps to get started with Pando now and start sending those big files:

  1. Go to and select Get Pando button.
  2. Click the Get Pando Free button.
  3. Select from Windows or Mac versions.
  4. Install the downloaded PandoSetup.exe  package.
  5. Select where you will be sending your large files from and click Install.  I recommend that you select Pando (required) and your email client.  I would deselect the Pando toolbar and enable address bar search feature to start.  Once you get comfortable with using Pando, then install the Toolbar if you feel the need.
  6. Make sure that your email program is closed to allow the installation to complete without delay.
  7. I recommend you do NOT download Xobni during this process.  I love Xobni and will be featuring it before the month is up but recommend that you download it separately when you are ready.
  8. You are now ready to use Pando.

If you installed on a Windows device, you will now have a small Pando logo in your system tray, always at the ready for your next big file transfer.  If one of our readers installs Pando on a Mac, please let us know what is different in the install process on your Mac.

If you find that you are using Pando constantly, or you are hitting the 1GB limit on file size, then it is time to upgrade to Pando Pro. The advantages provided for a busy professional are probably a wise investment.  I did it just to remove the ads from my free version.  Here is a comparison of the two options for personal use:

Pando Comparison Chart

Pando is in daily use in my workday and I have never experienced an error or delay in getting my files to the destination.  What usually happens is the recipient asks. “How did you do that?’

Big challenge – Simple solution. Pando.

Pando Pro

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