Survey Customers To Increase Sales with SurveyMonkey

Survey Customers To Increase Sales with SurveyMonkey

Would you like to know how your customers really feel about your product or service?  How about their spending plans for the coming year?  Would it be valuable to learn what your employees are thinking?

SurveyMonkey provides a clean, step by step procedure that enables people of all experience levels to create their own surveys quickly and easily.  Once the survey has been created, you have the choice of distributing the survey via email directly from SurveyMonkey or to place a link on your website or blog and invite visitors to complete the survey.

Get started with a quick and intuitive sign-up process.  You can start creating surveys and collecting responses right away.  You are guided through the entire process by easy to follow, step by step instructions.  Unlike some other tools that provide online surveys, your surveys will not include those annoying ads that only distract from your message and information.  If you do have any questions or challenges, they provide terrific support 365 days a year

Here are some creative and useful ways to use SurveyMonkey:

  • Customer satisfaction survey after a recent purchase.
  • Customer Service survey from a recent phone support call.
  • Business Partner survey to measure relationship value and satisfaction.
  • Survey of Applicants to your company.
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey.
  • Survey of students from a training program.
  • Survey for employee feedback on company events.
  • Survey of prospective customer’s plans and budgetary expectations.

SurveyMonkey provides two pricing options:

SurveyMonkey Pricing Comparison

I have experience using both the Basic and Monthly Pro versions, and you do get tangible value from the Monthly Pro plan.  There is also an annual Pro plan if you don’t want to be bothered with monthly billing. The survey template library is probably worth the price by itself, at least to begin with.  The limit of 100 responses per survey with the free version will most likely be the trigger that moves you into the Paid plan.  You can also upgrade or downgrade as your needs dictate.

We have created a sample two question survey for you to try out.  Let us know your opinion by clicking on the following link:

Click Here to take survey

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