Big List Influential B2B Marketing Sales Blogs

Big List of Influential B2B Marketing and Sales Blogs

The team over at Marketo continues to be busy maintaining what I believe to be the most thorough list of B2B Marketing Blogs out there. With the clear movement of Marketing and Sales into closer alignment they wrote:

“… with sales and marketing alignment getting closer and closer we’ve found it necessary to include some Sales Leadership and Sales 2.0 blogs into the mix.”

Good for us at Fill the Funnel because we are now included in the list. There is a lot of terrific talent and ideas out there to discover and read, and this list should be one of your most used bookmarks.

Thanks go out to Jon Miller and the rest of the team at Marketo for putting together this valuable resource and for maintaining it for our benefit. Well done!

Jethro Jean-Bapitste - 13 years ago

Thanks for this post. I think nowadays it is difficult for defining a clear strategy when it comes to participating in social media for your business. However, there are great sites like SalesFuel that integrates with LinkedIn, so that B2B marketers and sales reps can use social selling to make warmer sales calls.

Leah - 13 years ago

The two links keep coming back here instead of going to the list.

    Miles Austin - 13 years ago

    Thanks for catching the error Leah. The links have been updated and ready for you to use.

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