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LinkedInĀ® Groups Adds New Subgroups Feature

LinkedIn announced this evening that they have made available a new option within their popular Groups feature called Subgroups. Some of the benefits of this new option include:
1) Set the aims for the subgroup by posting a featured discussion in the subgroup.
2) Kindle the conversation by posting a news article with a brief comment every day for the first month of the group.
Provide an ongoing focus for members’ attention by adding 10 RSS feeds related to the focus of the subgroup.
Drive attention to the subgroup through your comments in the main group and in other groups where you participate”.

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Salespeople Don't Know?

If your income depends on successfully selling a product or service, you know when changes are occuring. Communication with our customers changes. Decisions are being made by different people within the customer’s organization and the time frames begin to shift. Expectations in frequency, responsiveness and attention are all in flux. If you are in sales, you either know about these changes early on, or you are not selling much longer.

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Turn Contacts into Opportunity

Using Reach, salespeople and small business owners are able to immediately generate greater sales revenues and expand their number of qualified leads while building collaboration networks with other sales and business professionals. Sales people can now conduct business at new levels of productivity using the collective account knowledge of thousands of sales peers.

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