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Crazy $1 bill

Crazy $1 Bill and An Amazing Case Study

Boost Your Sales with Just $1 – Learn How with this Case Study I’ve felt the sting of leads slipping through my fingers like sand. It’s maddening, isn’t it? Watching others effortlessly attract buyers while you’re left wondering what’s missing from your formula. Well, it’s time to level the playing field. I’ve got my hands […]

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Fresh New Approach To Gaining Customer Leads

What Is This New Approach To Obtaining Customers? If you are interested in trying a fresh approach that will compliment your other marketing and sales campaigns for lead generation, this new tool is worth your investment of under $30. VidScratch is a powerful cloud app that creates irresistible “video scratch card” lead campaigns that help […]

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Miles Austin Teaching

Insider Secrets to Maximize Social Media Results

Insider Secrets to Maximize Social Media Results Here are two key techniques that I have been using for over two years to generate substantial results, but have only shared them with my clients. The first key is to create categories for your social media posting. The second key is a tool called ConversionLab iQueue. I lay […]

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