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Everyone is an Expert in something

Everyone is an Expert in Something: Embracing Your Unique Knowledge

In today’s fast-paced world, the value of experience and expertise is more significant than ever. Each of us has a unique journey filled with experiences, challenges, and lessons learned. Whether it’s a professional skill, a hobby, or a life lesson, we all possess knowledge that others can benefit from. This idea—that everyone is an expert […]

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Twitter Drops the Hammer

Twitter Drops The Hammer And The Impact Is Significant

Twitter Drops The Hammer And The Impact Is Significant. Twitter drops the hammer on several prevalent practices, forcing significant changes in the tools and strategies that have been used to share Tweets. In this post, I am addressing what either has or is about to change, forcing anyone that uses Twitter to adjust. This past February […]

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New LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

New LinkedIn Layout Cheat Sheet – Infographic

By now, most LinkedIn users have received the highly anticipated and debated “new user interface”. As with most major updates, many are complaining, some are praising and most are just lost and confused. I think you will find the LinkedIn cheat sheet below to be helpful. If you have not noticed already, the feeding frenzy […]

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