My Clients Made Me Do It-Web Tools For Everyone

My Clients Made Me Do It-Web Tools For Everyone

Web Tools have been good for my clients this year. The end of the year is always an extra busy time for me. In addition to the holiday activities and responsibilities I always enjoy taking time to look back over the year to review how I did against my goals. Only after I am satisfied that I understand how I did in the past year do I get to consider what I want to tackle over the next twelve months. It might be my favorite business activity. Do you have a similar routine?
Web Tools the good old days
I had a significant revelation occur about 2 months ago, triggered by one of my consulting clients when he asked me this question: “Why don’t you offer all of the your custom-built web tools and training you give to me as a part of our consulting agreement to the public?”  
I thought about it and the answer was a surprise to even me. I answered that I had never taken the time to package them as individual products and market them in that way. It has been a part of the “value-add” that I provide to my coaching and consulting clients.
The end of the story is that I decided to package several of the tools into commercial products and make them available to you, my readers and subscribers. It has turned into quite a bit of work but I also had some fun getting these ready for release.

Here are web tools & training available now:

Learn About LinkedIn -this is a 5 stage training program focused on B2B Sales & Marketing Professionals in partnership with my good friend and colleague Viveka von Rosen. I think it is the best on the market.
Heat Map Magic -This is my favorite tool to introduce to my clients because the impact is so dramatic. It has an almost immediate impact visitors to your website. If you count on a website to grow your business, you need this. The ability to KNOW exactly how your visitors are experiencing your website, what they are clicking on, how far are they scrolling down your page and much more is available with this tool. Doing business on your website without this knowledge is like driving blind.
Mastering AWeber -I introduced this to you a month back. It is doing really well and getting great reviews. I am considering adding all the transcripts from the 22 lessons into a book and combine all the videos and put them on a DVD for those that like to physiclal products. Let me know if you prefer downloadable training products or physical workbooks and guides, or both.
Fast eBook Cover – This, along with the next product is one of my customer favorites. It is a web-based tool that helps you to create fast, good-looking book covers, spiral reports, DVD covers and more. It is drag and drop easy and the results look really good for online use.
YouTube Branding Tool – This one is so handy, even several of the production team at IBM have grabbed a copy. This drag and drop format creates those “lower-third” graphics that you see on CNN and your local news that show the name, website or other information. Google Hangouts has the ability to use these so they have become a necessity. I also use these for PowerPoint slides and several other uses. If you have attended one of my Google Hangouts over the last six months, you have seen how effective they can be.
There are more web tools, plugins and training coming your way in the future. I will always let my subscribers know about them first and pass along some special pricing when I can. Look for a Products tab in the navigation menu yet this year to learn more about these and the new web tools coming out.
Reading through that list I begin to understand why I have been so busy, getting these products ready for you.
As always, if there is something that you need help with, or are stuck on, just send me a note or call me at the number on the top right of the page.
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Mike Weinberg - 8 years ago

Miles, I love that you have done this! As someone who has dramatically benefited from your web tools expertise (full disclosure: I am a proud and thankful client of Miles), I look forward to pointing people to these resources. Speaking from experience, even though I am just getting started with several of these, I cannot begin to imagine how valuable these tools will be to people looking to grow their platform and business.

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