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Why All the Buzz About Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a new invite-only voice-based social media app.

Clubhouse is rapidly emerging social platform where users can join and participate in a chat room, broken into a wide variety of topics. The conversations are audio-only, and when they finish, they disappear forever.

If you haven’t heard about Clubhouse yet, you will be soon, due to the list of names that are already on and using the platform.

In order to explain what Clubhouse is, think Twitter, where you find, get to know, and follow people that you are interested in. Unlike Twitter, there is no text. It is all audio. People sharing their take on the topic of the group, and then when it ends, it disappears. No permanent record of the conversation. You can have it on in the background, listening while you work, and then hop in to add your thoughts when you want to share them.

One reason it has gotten the attention of the press is that tech-industry movers and shakers and celebrities like Mark Cuban, Oprah and Ashton Kutcher are all using the platform.

This is still very early in the life of Clubhouse. You can download the App in the Apple Store but you need an invite to participate. At the moment, each person that gets in receives five invites. Thanks to Brian Fanzo for inviting me in. You can find me at (surprise) @milesaustin.

Like all online properties, I recommend you get in early if just to claim your name before someone else does. It always pays off in the long run to have control of your name and/or brand.