What Does Your Business Need to Thrive In Today's Environment?

What Does Your Business Need To Thrive In Today’s Environment?

What does your business need to thrive in today’s environment?

The answer is the same things you needed a decade ago and that you will still need in the future.

You need leads, appointments and sales.

Any business that has an ample supply of leads, with training and technology, can have an ample supply of appointments. If you already have an ample supply of both leads and appointments, then with training, you can earn an ample supply of sales.

What Does Your Business Need To Thrive In Today's Environment?

Most of the books about marketing and sales were published in the pre-social media, pre-smartphone era by people who have never had to call even one internet lead. I’m a fan of sales training legends like Brian Tracy, Jill Konrath and Zig Zigler but they never had to call hundreds of internet leads and close them to make an income. Many of the current batch of sales authors are teaching basic selling principles that will always be needed but resort to ridicule and name-calling when it comes to the skills and training needed to navigate through a sea of internet leads.

We are dealing with new realities that require a new approach, new thinking and new tools. I explain this frequently as “New Tools, Old Rules”. Both are important and anyone that says new tools are not helpful is simply not being honest.

What you say on a call with an internet lead is as complex and detailed as the marketing automation campaigns marketers build and launch using Hubspot or Infusionsoft. It takes as much, if not more discipline, structure and attention to detail as the pre-internet methods to book new business.

Follow along on this continuing series about the importance of internet generated leads and the best ways to gather, interact and yes, close deals with leads that originally came from your website, social media and internet advertising. Ignore these powerful trends at your own risk.

Leads, Appointments, Sales – that is still what it is all about.

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