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How to Get New Value Out Of Your Videos Gathering Dust

If you have been doing any kind of marketing, sales or promotional activity over the last 5+ years, you probably have videos sitting on your hard drive, YouTube channel and maybe on your website.

This new tool will allow you to take every one of your existing videos and re-energize them for a whole new audience and platform, growing your visibility, followers and your sales along the way.

Previous attempts of providing this service have been frustrating because you had to download software to your computer, and only worked with Windows computers. This new tool is cloud-based, allowing you to work from any internet connected device – a big advance.

How will Live Video Bot recharge your existing videos? By publishing them as “LIVE” video broacasts on your:

  1. Facebook Profile, Page or Group
  2. YouTube
  3. Instagram

accounts, either on or if you desire all of them with just 3 clicks. Will this get new viewers to your videos?

Live Video Bot

This really is a very easy tool to use – 3 clicks and you are scheduled on all three networks.

Step 1: Add your video
Upload your pre-recorded video and upload it into the software

Live Video Bot Step 1

Step 2: Schedule Your Live Video Broadcast
Decide what profile, pages or group you want your Live Video to go live on. Then choose the date and time that your Live Video will happen. This will open up a schedule in Facebook and fans of your page will be notified you’re going live in advance.

Live Bideo Bot Step 2

Step 3: Automatically Go Live – Your Video Is Now LIVE On Facebook, Instagram & YouTube

Live Video Bot Step 3

This is a terrific way to re-purpose all of your videos to help gain new customers, fans and extend your influence.

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