What Are Your Best Convention Booth Ideas?

Save Me – Share Your Convention Booth Ideas

What are your best convention booth ideas? I am going to be spending time in a Trade Show Convention Booth next week in St. Louis. I haven’t worked a show floor for almost 10 years so I am thinking that things have changed in the interim. What are your recommendations and secrets for a successful booth experience?

Why am I going to the ShutterFest convention in the first place? It is the premier event for professional photographers in the country and has sold out weeks before it begins, and is only in it’s 2nd year.

I mentioned earlier this year that a part of my expanded work effort at Fill the Funnel is offering tools and services from my own portfolio to the general public. My private clients have been receiving these for years but I was encouraged to open availability to the general public which I have done.

One of my first offerings out of the chute was HeatMap Magic. It blew up when one of the luminaries of the professional photography world bought and then endorsed it. It spread like wildfire in that world and that is why I am attending the Shutterfest Convention. It will be a great change of pace for me, and the chance to meet with customers, advocates and prospective customers and share what the excitement about HeatMap Magic is all about. I’ve even got shirts with logo’s on them and flyers for the goodie bags for all 1800 registered attendees. I’m not sure what to expect, but excited to get started.

I just got this video testimonial from one of the early adapters of HeatMap Magic – Mark Hunter that I will be using in the booth. A big thanks to Mark for sharing his experience with this product.

What strategies, tactics and tips can you give me to best serve those attending the convention? I will be reading your comments and will be back in a week to let you know how I survived. I need your help!

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