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Gartner Report on Social Software

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If you are interested at all in all the Web 2.0, Sales 2.0 and/or Social Media activity to Fill the Funnel, I recommend that you carve out some time to read this recent report from Gartner titled: Magic Quadrant for Social Software.  After reading it myself, I realized that even Gartner doesn’t completely “get it”.  It was surprising to find that there are no companies listed in the desired Magic Quadrant. If no one has earned that position as of yet, think about how much there is still to be discovered in this topic area. The potential for significant impact with these tools is very exciting as a user of the tools, as well as for those that are developing these tools for us.

Take some time to read the report and then let our readers know your thoughts in the comments area.  Who did they miss? What do you agree with?  What did they get wrong?  It is your homework for the weekend, and you need to turn it in by Monday.  

Click here to read this valuable report.