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Pounce, Pause, Nurture or Wait?

No, this is not a sales personality test.  It is though an interesting question posed by Mike Damphousse on his Smashmouth Marketing Blog recently.  His question was:

“Within a day or two of sending an initial email to someone, leaving a phonemail or posting an interesting blog article or tweet, I see they (or someone from their company) have clicked into and visited our site.

Now, how aggressively do I go after them? Do I pounce immediately? Do I pause and call shortly thereafter? Do I just nurture them? Do I wait a couple days then call?”

Does your answer change because it is via the Web?  Would your strategy change if it was a phone call?   From the sales experts that initially responded to Mike’s question, only Craig (Funnelholic.com) said Pounce!  Should I be concerned when reading his blog (which I do everytime he has a new post)?   Haven’t had a sales call yet.  Of course, Nigel Edelshain (Sales 2.0) being the diplomat that he is, selected all the answers except for Pounce.

What do you think?  Why would you utilize one response over another?  Share your comments here if you like, but I encourage you to visit Mike’s Smashmouth Marketing Blog and share your thoughts there for all to see.  I’ll be watching for your comments myself.

Now I’m off to find a lead to Pounce on!

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