Rebump Important Emails Until They Are Answered

Rebump Important Emails Until They Are Answered

You send an email to a customer with an important question or request for next step. Or possibly you send your resume after hearing about the perfect next job for you. And then you wait…

It happens to all of us throughout our busy week. Why have they not responded? Did they even see your email in their inbox? Even if you are using one of the helpful tools like Yesware or ToutApp, you are still left pondering the next step. This is where a tool called Rebump enters the picture.

The days of important emails falling through the cracks are over. Rebump lets you customize automatic follow-up emails to make sure that every important email gets bumped to the top of your recipients inbox until they respond.

Rebump increases your odds of getting a response.

Rebump is designed to send friendly, professional follow-up messages to your recipients automatically on your behalf. These emails appear as if you sent the email yourself and you have full control over the message and actions. You can track and analyze all of your follow-up emails through your Rebumb account.

Research has shown that the more you follow-up, the more of a chance you will get that email opened and more importantly, responded to.

Benefits of Using Rebump

Please note that Rebump only works on Gmail and Google Apps setups. Outlook and other services are left out at this point. I have run into many new tools that will not work on Outlook in a Microsoft Exchange environment like so many larger companies and enterprises still use. This is causing me to reconsider my fillthefunnel email platform, which I still run in a Microsoft Exchange hosted environment and use Outlook for my email and calendar needs. If you have thoughts on this topic, please share them for all of us to learn from.

When using Rebump, you are still in full control of which emails you want to use Rebump on.

Notice the checkbox at the bottom of the email box, giving you the option to select/deselect Rebump on any individual message.

Rebump Selection example


  • No more missed opportunities – Rebump makes the most of every email you send. If your recipient doesn’t respond, you’ve missed an opportunity. Don’t let another one pass by.
  • Easily manage, track, and analyze – You can easily monitor the progress of each email and see who has still not replied.
  • Rebump your emails – Simply click on the Rebump checkbox on emails that you’d like us to send follow-up emails for you.

And for those that send these type of emails from a smartphone, You can still experience Rebump without using the extension. After you’ve authenticated and granted access to your Google Account, simply add “” to the BCC Field of any email you want us to bump for you.

Rebump is a tool that can make an impact on your email results. As with all tools, learn all the functionality before using them, and make sure that they are appropriate for your industry and your company.

If you use Gmail, check out Rebump with their free 30 day trial. If it works well for you, sign up for an annual subscription of $49.95 after that.

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