Free Contacts For Cold Calls

In both webinars and workshops with SalesMakers, the #1 question I am being asked is how to get the phone number and email address for the prospects on your list?  In other words,  how can you Fill the Funnel?  I am going to make this real simple.  In a special arrangement with Jigsaw, I am able to provide you with twenty free contacts (as compared to the two contacts that I have offered in the past).  Follow the step by step instructions below and you will receive your twenty free contacts.  Here is what you do:

Click here to go to the special link for your 20 contacts (otherwise you receive only 2 contacts)

Complete the registration form.  Once you have completed your registration, Jigsaw will provide the ability to obtain 20 contacts  for free with your account.  Upon completion of your account setup form, you will receive an email that will activate your account.  Once you have clicked the Activate button, you are ready to search for and obtain your contacts.

For this example, I will be looking for Materials Managers in Healthcare in California and Arizona.

Follow the steps below to obtain the desired contacts:

  1. Browse to
  2. Upper right hand corner, click on Sign In.
  3. Enter your email address and password that you provided when registering.
  4. Click on Advanced Search in the blue header toward the top of the screen, then select Find Contacts from the pull-down menu.
  5. In the Title area enter the title of the contacts you desire (Material Manager in this example).
  6. I recommend you leave the Company, Last Name and First Name fields for this type of broad search.
  7. In the Levels area, select the level that your prospect would most likely hold (in this example I would select VP-Level and Director Level).
  8. In Departments, you select the department that this position would typically reside in (for this example I would select Finance &Administration, Operations and IT).
  9. For Country, I will select USA. 
  10. For State, select the appropriate state(s).  Hint=hold the CTRL key down and you can select multiple states at once. (for this example, I will select CA and AZ).
  11. Enter appropriate info in Metro Area, Area Code and Zip Code if you would like (for this example they are left blank).
  12. With Industry I will select Health-care, which then populates the Sub-Industry area, where I will select Hospitals.
  13. Employees area I will select ALL categories and then de-select the 0-25, 25-100 and 100-250 boxes ( I am looking for hospitals with at least 250 employees or more).
  14. For this example I am leaving Revenue, Ownership, Website and Fortune Rank all untouched.  For your searches, select those that are appropriate.
  15. I typically leave Actions as Added or Updated.
  16. I most always leave By blank.
  17. Now click Search button in the bottom right of the screen.  If you followed the example search for Materials Manager above, your search will return over 22 contacts that meet your criteria.  WebToolsTip: Once you have reached this point, the column headers for your search are all underlined.  One of my best practices is to click on the Updated column, which results in the list being re-sorted from the most recent information to the least recent information.  The odds are that the most recent information is the best information.  However, don’t shy away from the older leads, but just don’t go there first, especially if your search yielded more contacts than you are looking for or have points for.  One of the many great features of Jigsaw is that if you “buy” a contact and discover that the information is invalid, you can report it as such with a few mouse clicks, and get your points back for another contact.  At the same time you are cleaning the database that will benefit you and other Jigsaw users in the future.  There are many Jigsaw users that have accumulated large point totals by doing nothing other than correcting and cleaning the existing Jigsaw database.
  18. The next step is to click the Boxes of those contacts that you would like to purchase with your points, and select Get Contacts button, then Get Selected Now.
  19. You will then see a screen that shows the Number of Paid Contacts you have selected, Points Required and Your Points (total points you have in your account).
  20. Select the Get Contacts button.  You will then see a list of your selections from earlier, and those that you have “bought” with points now have a green money symbol to the left of the title.  You will notice that there is also now a name showing in the Name column.
  21. Click on the Name and you will be taken to the business card for your new contact.  
  22. By selecting the arrow to the right of the blue Export button, you will be given three options:  vCard, Export as Lead to CRM or Export as Contact to CRM. If you use one of the CRM tools supported by Jigsaw ( or Oracle on Demand) you can import it right into the tool.  If not, you should select vCard and you will be able to use it with Outlook.

There is much more to Jigsaw than what I have presented here.  I will be hosting a series of web events and workshops on Jigsaw for SalesMakers in the coming months. Click on the RSS feed button on the top right of the blog and you will receive information on how to sign up for these events.  If you are a member of  LinkedIn, there is a Jigsaw User Group that you can join to learn from some of the Jigsaw users as well as many of the Jigsaw staff.  Click here to join the Jigsaw User Group.

If you would like to learn more about Jigsaw and several other companies that I use on a regular basis, read about them in some of my earlier posts here.

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