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Don’t Cold Call-Social Call

“Through observing what works, and what doesn’t, we’ve come up with six factors that determine whether a prospect will meet with you.

These six factors are:

  1. Your product
  2. Your message
  3. Repetition of your messagesales20-logo1
  4. Talking to the right people
  5. Using changes in your buyer’s environment
  6. Establishing relationships

I will cover eash of these factors briefly in this ebook but will focus on the last three most heavily as they are the most important ones and also the ones we can change the most in our favor using Sales 2.0 tools and techniques.”

The quote above is an excerpt from a new ebook just released from one of the thought leaders in the Sales 2.0 field that I follow closely. Nigel Edelshain is CEO of Sales 2.0 LLC.  The company is dedicated to taking the sales profession to another level. Sales 2.0 provides companies with a range of services and products to enable them to make their sales forces wildly more effective.  It is one of my “must-read” blogs and sites for Sales 2.0.

Nigel has just released his newest eBook entitled Don’t Cold Call. Social Call.  Packed into it’s 24 pages is information that you will be able to reference over and over.  I found myself printing this out because I kept reaching for my highlighter when I was reading it on the screen. Nigel is currently providing this at no cost – FREE.  Visit  his site at, dig around a bit and download this free eBook. If you are a sales professional you will find a wealth of information that will help you earn your living and grow professionally.

What do you think of Nigel’s ideas and his six factors?  Did he miss any?  Share your comments below and let us in on what your experience is teaching you.

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