Email Addresses-How To Find Them When You Need Them

Email Addresses – How To Find Them When You Need Them

In any given week you will need to find professional contact information for someone or a group of people within a company. You can Google them, guess them with standard deviations of an email address IF you know the name, check LinkedIn and their website. Often you will come up with nothing useful. Sales people can save quite a bit of time with this webtool.

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Email Hunter can save you time and open new possibilities you were not even aware of.  With Email Hunter, you can quickly find email addresses for a company using only it’s domain name.  Every email found is shown on the screen, along with the sources indicating where and when it was found on the web.

For those situations when an email address is not found, Email Hunter allows you to guess the email pattern used in the company. You know the drill- try or first letter first name and last etc.

This tool is built for Sales people. Business development reps eat email addresses up.

What I have found very useful is the exposure to other names within the company that I had not been aware of, including the senior level executives that are normally not readily available and not on LinkedIn, etc.

Email Hunter has over 150 million emails indexed, with over 2 million searches made in a two week period.

Access to Email Hunter searches can be done from their website directly, or my favorite, a Google Chrome Extension. This makes it fast, and easily integrates into my workflow. I can use it while on the phone or web conference in two clicks.

They offer a free account to get started and try it out, limited to 200 searches/month. Here are the other pricing options:

Email Hunter Pricing 600

Two additional options that might be of interest to some of you are the ability to export your findings into a .CSV file. From there you can import them into your CRM and/or other sales tools currently in use.  Another option for those programmers amongst us, is to use their API to integrate Email Hunter results directly into your own tool or application.

I use Email Hunter from my laptop using the Chrome extension and my iPhone directly from the website. This tool should be in your sales toolbag. It will come in handy more often than you might imagine. Good hunting.


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