LinkedIn® Reading List Feature

LinkedIn® Reading List Feature

Are you using the Reading List feature of LinkedIn®?  It is always helpful to get to know as much as you can about the people that you are selling to, or attempting to sell to.  Here at Fill the Funnel, we are dedicated to share tools and techniques that help you accelerate your success.

At lunch with a customer earlier this week, she asked me my thoughts about Crowdsourcing? I smiled and asked what she knew about it, and she said that she was just learning about it, and that she had noticed I was reading the book Crowdsourcing while reviewing my LinkedIn® Profile under my Reading List. That took me by surprise, first because a customer is looking at my profile for preparation, and second that anyone would look at the Reading List in the profile.

Several  key learning points from this experience were:

  1. You never know who is reading your profile, so put some effort into it.
  2. The Reading List is a terrific window into the interests and thoughts of your prospects.

WebTools Tip: You can elect to follow someone’s Reading List.  Track the lists not only for those that you might have as a prospect, but also those that you respect.  Might be a good idea to connect to the reading list of your executive team.  Tremendous window into the interests of those that matter to you.

Give it at try and let me know what you discover in comments below.  If we are not connected on LinkedIn, send me an invitation.  I would like to follow you and your reading list.

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