Quote Roller Automates Quote and Proposal Generation

Quote Roller Automates Quote and Proposal Generation

Small business owners and entrepreneurs – pay attention. Sales people without a support staff, generating sales on your own out in the field – read on. I know that one of the biggest time-wasters for you is creating a proposal or quote for your products or services. This activity is the poster-child for what web tools should be able to automate and improve vs. the traditional way.

Quote Roller logoQuote Roller is the tool that you have been searching for. It is built to create polished, professional proposals in minutes. It not only gets a  proposal that you will be proud of into the hands of your prospect, it also gives you all the other tools that your big company competitor probably already has at her disposal.

Quote Roller addresses some of the biggest headaches you face in generating your business.  Some of the challenges solved by Quote Roller  for many small business owners and those new to an industry include:

  1. What should my proposal include?
  2. What about format?
  3. What is the best way to deliver my proposal?
  4. How do I keep track of my proposals once delivered to the prospect?
  5. How can I know how my business proposals are doing overall?

What should my proposal include? – This is the #1 question I get when I am consulting with a small business owner. Quote Roller has an always growing library of business proposal templates that are ready to use. They can work as is, just adding your company information and logo, along with the specifics for pricing on what you offer. This feature alone is worth signing up for. There are currently over 30 standardized templates for you to select from on a range of products or services.

Here is a sampling from a wide variety of needs to give you examples of the breadth of this tool:

  • Web Design Proposal Template
  • Business Plan Template
  • Marketing Proposal Template
  • Construction Proposal Template
  • Event Management Proposal Template
  • Photography Proposal Template
  • Speaker Proposal Template
  • Catering Proposal Template
  • Research Proposal Template
  • Online Tutoring Services Proposal Template
  • Sponsorship Proposal Template

As you can see, there is tremendous variety for almost every need. Don’t see one that fits? Then take one that is closest and edit it to fit your need. For anyone that has hired me over the last 14 months or so to speak at their convention or event – I delivered my proposal using the Speaker Proposal Template from Quote Roller. I will never go back to doing these manually. Ever!

What about format? – Impress your clients with state-of-the-art proposals. Add interactive content, like videos, flash, picture galleries and anything your creative mind thinks of. Then, let your clients comment on your proposals. Quote Roller proposals come in two flavors, web and PDF. Online proposals come with built-in analytics, digital signature and are just one click away from being accepted. Either way, you can use a template as is, or modify it extensively You can of course, start with a blank slate if that is more your style. The online editor will speed proposal creation and automate everything. The content library of reusable content blocks makes you faster, the drag-n-drop editor is easy to use, and they have pricing tables with optional items that have all the flexibility you need for your specific purpose.

What is the best way to deliver my proposal? The short answer is any way you want. Hand deliver a printed proposal. Email a PDF to them. If you deliver it electronically, your customer will be able to print it out and sign it for acceptance and return it back to you just like the big companies do.  You will get spoiled using electronic signatures. I find that it saves time and it leaves a very positive impression with your customer as well.

How do I keep track of my proposals once delivered to the prospect? – Quote Roller has built-in proposal analytics. Do you know if your client opened your proposal? How much time have they spent on the pricing page? Have they opened your portfolio section? The in-proposal analytics allow you all that and more. Get instant notifications when your clients open proposals for more efficient follow-up, to improve your proposals based on past performance, and to increase your win rate.

How can I know how my business proposals are doing overall? – The Quote Roller Dashboard will serve you well here and is unlike anything you are currently using. You are able to get a quik view of your sales activit with Quote Roller’s extensive Dashboard. The Dashboard allows you to track deals in the pipeline, follow up, and plan business activities. Track proposal comments, performance of your proposals, and win rate at a single location, while keeping an eye on your sales team or your own personal sales.

One of the less-known but equally as powerful capabilities of Quote Roller is it’s integration capabilities to many other web tools that you are, or should be using. The combination of Quote Roller with your CRM, eMail, Accounting and even payment collection services like PayPal make Quote Roller a key tool in the foundation of your small business or start-up. As a day-to-day individual sales person, Quote Roller has become one of the most important tools of my company. It is easy to learn, easy to use, and will help you deliver top-notch proposals and quotes to your customers every time.

Quote Roller is a tool that will pay for itself in your first proposal. Pricing starts at $14.99 per month with plans available for teams and even entire companies.

Recommended Actions:

  1. Start your Trial of Quote Roller now.
  2. Review and select a Proposal template that will work for your business.
  3. Create your next proposal with Quote Roller.
  4. Send me 5% for helping you discover Quote Roller 😉


This is one of those times that I will receive a small fee if you purchase this tool. 

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