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New Year Crossroad

your-choice1The first of every year is a combination of the best time and worst time in a salesmaker’s existence.  You are at a crossroad.  You are looking ahead to the opportunities and activities that you know are out there with optimism, while at the same time you look at your revenue report and see zero’s across the board.  Hopefully you ended 2008 above quota or goals.  The result of  last year’s success will dictate higher goals this year.  Ouch.  Add to that the state of the economy in the US and around the world and those goals seem pretty lofty.

Everyone agrees that you will need to work smarter and more creatively in 2009 to continue to grow your sales.  Not much possibility of running on auto-pilot this year.  Now is the time to open your mind to new approaches, new techniques and new tools that, if utilized properly will provide that extra surge of activity that will provide the momentum to continue your on your path to success in 2009.  Try out the tools and techniques the we share here on Fill the Funnel.  Follow the links to other authorities that we will be incorporating into Fill the Funnel.  Social media in it’s many variables contains the solutions that can get you to your sales goals.  Experiment with the process we are defining in our FirstCall posts.

It is time to get this party started; so jump in. Take the road straight ahead to success.  What will you be doing to deliver sales success in 2009?

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