Flipshare and Windows 7 Compatibility

Windows 7 and FlipShare Compatibility

The Flip MinoHD™ video camera has been a big hit.  There have been however, frequent searches from this blog’s Search window seeking more information about Flipshare and Windows 7 compatibility.  So if you are one that has been trying to get this to work, here is the link to download Flipshare release 5.05 (U.S. download only).  This version has a link to select either the Windows or Mac version.

According to Flipshare, this version is fully compatible with Windows 7 32 bit, but doesn’t appear to support 64 bit fully at this time.

I have upgraded both my desktop and laptop at this time and FlipShare seems to do just fine on either system now that I have this download installed.

Download the newest version now and send us the links to your creative sales videos.


Brandy - 11 years ago

I have a flip video and switched to a new computer (upgraded to Windows 7).
I now am not able to access the flip video software.

    Miles Austin - 11 years ago

    Brandy, here is a URL that gives you the download link for both Windows or Mac computers. Good luck. I recommend that you keep a copy of the original download file on your computer somewhere because this site will not be around forever now that Cisco has stopped selling Flip Cameras. Same goes for anyone else.

    Download software here: http://support.theflip.com/en-us/flipshare

stacie cartwright - 12 years ago

have had a flip for about a year and now all of a sudden after downloading all videos says i only have 41sec left

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