Google Cloud Print Turns Any Printer into Your Printer

Google Cloud Print Turns Any Printer into Your Printer

Desktop Printer ImageGoogle Cloud Print is built on the idea that printing can be more intuitive, accessible, and useful. Using Google Cloud Print you can make your printers available to you from any Google Cloud Print enabled web, desktop or mobile app. To get started printing using Google Cloud Print, connect a printer to your account.

When you are on the road or out of the office, the ability to get your documents printed, or to print a copy of the presentation that you now need because your laptop crashed can be a deal saver.

Google supports both cloud ready and classic printers:

  • Classic Printers connect to the internet through a laptop or PC, and register with Google Cloud Print using a feature of Google Chrome.
  • Cloud Ready Printers connect directly to the internet and can register themselves with Google Cloud Print without a laptop or PC. HP’s ePrint line of printers are the only cloud ready printers available today.

Like most tools from Google, it is free, it is beta, and it is worth giving it a try.  If you would like to learn more about the capabilities of Google Cloud Print and how to get started with it, click here.

Never get caught without a printout again.

rafael - 12 years ago

Infelizmente nao funcionou como deveria …
tenho android 2.2 no meu equipamento e ele nao consegue autorizar
Obs : segui todos os passos indicados para funcionar e nao resolve

    Miles Austin - 12 years ago

    Rafael, lamento ouvir isso Google Print Cloud não está funcionando para você. Esperançosamente, haverá uma solução para você no futuro próximo. Espero que esta tradução é clara e obrigado por ser um leitor de Encha o funil.

Ayeen Benoza - 12 years ago

This is a great new service by Google.  Very convenient for remote printing.  No need to have the appropriate driver installed just to be able to print!  I will definitely check this out using my mobile devices and apps.  Gives me the reason to switch to the chrome browser now.

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Rob Beland - 12 years ago

Correct me if i’m wrong but i thought only mobile devices could print to a cloud printer. PCs can’t…

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