#Firestarters - How I Begin My Day featuring Gabe Villamizar

#Firestarters – How I Begin My Day featuring Gabe Villamizar

In our final guest interview in this series, I talk with Gabe Villamizar, one of the top social selling and social media practitioners in the world. Gabe joins us from a Starbucks in Utah before he heads out for a day of snowboarding. As has been the norm for each of the interviews in the #Firestarters series, Gabe’s has a specific routine that is both unique and personal to him. I also ask him for his thoughts on what has lost it’s luster in social media and what the future tactics and tools will be that win big in 2016. You need to hear his thoughts on this all.

Gabe not only runs the social selling program at Hirevue but is the brains behind an exciting new social selling training program that launches in January. He also shared this link to get a very helpful checklist to help you optimize your LinkedIn Profile. Get your free copy, I did.

Join me tomorrow, December 31st as I share how I start my day and recap the entire month of #Firestarters, the tips, the guests and lessons learned.

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Miles Austin and Gabe Villamizar

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