#Firestarters - How I Begin My Day featuring Lynn Hidy

#Firestarters – How I Begin My Day featuring Lynn Hidy

Lynn Hidy (@upyourtelesales) was our guest on this episode of #Firestarters. Lynn is an expert on using the telephone to generate revenue for your business, and using inside sales teams for growth and customer satisfaction.

Technology challenges aside, Lynn had a few surprises for us during the interview and was the first that used visual aids to deliver her key points. You will have several “a-ha” moments while listening to her recommendations starting from what she does the night before to what she calls “One Scary Call”.

[tweet_box design=”box_01″]Learn how to use “One Scary Call” to be more successful each day. – Lynn Hidy @upyourtelesales[/tweet_box]

You can learn more about Lynn and the services she provides to her clients at Up Your Telesales.

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Miles Austin and Lynn Hidy

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