#FIRESTARTERS – How Successful People Start Their Day

#FIRESTARTERS – How Successful People Start Their Day


I have the privilege to get to know and interact with tens of thousands of people every year through my speaking, training and even writing my blog here at Fill the Funnel. Every one has a story, a success, and even a failure that I can learn from. I ask a lot of questions because that is how I learn and how I grow. It works for me.

I ask those I get to know what their #Firestarters are:

[tweet_box design=”box_01″]”How do you start your day? What routines and activities do you have to get your fire started every morning?”[/tweet_box]

These are what I call #Firestarters. I have come to realize that I might not be the only one who could learn from what successful people do to get their day started.

I invite you to tune in to Blab.im/milesaustin every morning at 7:00 am Pacific beginning Monday, November 30th to watch one of 30+ successful people share how they begin their day and get off to a positive start.

These are live video feeds that will last no longer than 12 minutes each. Short, to the point and packed with helpful insight. This might be the best way for you to start each day during December.

Because these are live feeds, and because some of the participants are characters, I promise there are some surprises and more than a few laughs.

[tweet_box design=”box_01″]Watch the #Firestarters Series on Blab beginning November 30th at 7:00 am.[/tweet_box]

If you, or someone you know has some interesting #Firestarters they use, send me an email and I will get them into the loop. Let’s get our learning on!

Here is the link to see who is scheduled to appear: