Have Webinars Become the Next Powerpoint?

Have Webinars Become the Next Powerpoint?

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Listen to  Link into Sales Radio on Tuesday, June 22nd to improve your webinar results. Webinars have started to feel a bit like the new PowerPoint,  useful, but overdone.  Too many presenters are not prepared to deliver a compelling and engaging message. I have discovered a new, fresh perspective that has dramatically changed my approach and expectations for Webinars thanks in large part to the work and ideas of this weeks guest – Zak Pines. Zak is the Chief Operating Officer at Avitage where they help business-to-business marketing and sales organizations create, manage and deliver compelling content that delivers desired outcomes and accelerates customer buying. If you have used or are thinking of using webinars in your sales and marketing strategy, Zak delivers an energized message with facts and best practices for you to consider. By incorporating his recommendations, your future webinars will deliver the results you set out to achieve. Zak will be taking your questions during the second half of the show, so join us for a fast-paced show with information that will benefit you immediately.

Sampler from Link Into Sales Interview with Zak Pines

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You can listen on your computer on Tuesday, June 22nd at Noon (Eastern) / 9:00 am (Pacific) by clicking on this link to Link into Sales Radio. Call in during the second half of the show to ask Zak your questions about Webinars from the technical, sales and marketing perspectives at (877) 218-1545.

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