Social Selling - Where Do I Stand?

Social Selling – Where Do I Stand?

I received a request from Kevin Thomas Tully, an executive with rFactor, a major player in the social selling tools space. The entire interview ran an hour. One of the questions Kevin asked me was one that I get asked a lot –

“Where do you stand on Social Selling, am I a believer, and do I practice it?”

I have cut out a clip of the interview that begins 12:50 into the interview in which I share my thoughts and opinions about the term “Social Selling”. It runs 9 minutes but I ask that you listen to it and more importantly I hope you will let me know your thoughts in the comments area below.

The entire interview can be seen on the rFactr blog. The rest of the interview is just as candid, and I share much more about my sales journey and my personal life if you are interested.

I love social tools, if put into the hands of those that have been trained in the art and science of core selling skills. I was willing to put my thoughts out there. Now it is your turn.

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