Jigsaw RainMaker Convention Updates

Jigsaw RainMaker Convention Updates

Jigsaw LogoWhen you use a web tool every day, you loose perspective of the improvements and progress that is rolled out on a regular basis.  Jigsaw is one of those tools that is active on my screen every day of the week. I had the privilege of attending the Jigsaw Rainmaker Conference this year the the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas.  Kevin Akeroyd, General Manager of the Jigsaw Business Unit comforted the crowd of 100+ of the top Jigsaw members when he recapped the past year since the acquisition by Salesforce.com.  The key that I took from Kevin was the emphasis on “focus”, that the Jigsaw team understands what got them to this point in their success and that they will continue to use their crowdsourcing approach to grow the business.

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Frank Engelhardt, VP Product Management reviewed the improvements and new features that have been rolled out over the last several months.  Each in it’s own right improves the value that I receive from Jigsaw, but when taken as a whole it made me say “Wow”.

Here is the list Frank and team shared:

  • Ability to update a record without buying it.
  • Exclude your current contacts from searches.
  • Search Jigsaw by email address in the simple search.
  • Ability to delete contact records without purchasing (Rainmakers only).
  • You can now sort the fields from your searches and records, and that sort is remembered in the future.
  • Ability to include/exclude specific Jigsaw users in your search.
  • You can now select how many results you want to view per page (up to 200).
  • Saved searches that you can save has been increased from 5 to 15.

In addition to the value that each of the above features adds, what was noticeable for me was that many of these improvements came directly from Jigsaw users using the Jigsaw Community tab and the New Ideas area.  Jenny Berthiaume, Community Programs Manager at Jigsaw takes pride in the growth and involvement of her members. Jigsaw was one of the pioneers in the use of crowdsourcing to build it’s data and it is clear that they still value the input  from their users/customers. Even the Salesforce.com acquisition is now a year ago, the value of the crowd is still clearly in the DNA of Jigsaw.  They need to be commended for that. There are new features and capabilities in the works and as a customer and fan, I am very excited to see the results of their efforts.

Stay focused Jigsaw, stay the course and continue to deliver the results that have earned you my vote for the most effective sales web tool available.

Shannon - 11 years ago

Thanks for the updates, Miles. For those of us who use the service often I think the addition of being able to make updates without purchase was a big one. I had even slowed down on my use for awhile out of frustration over that one. Sorry I missed Vegas. I hope they do it again next year!

hakatak - 12 years ago

Randy – depends on where or how you are finding contacts with jigsaw. In the past 2 years the number of contacts has more than doubled from 10M in 2008 to over 26M contacts presently. The member base and contributors is up to over 1.6M members!

I think its not the acquisition to blame but rather the old data the members are retaining in their CRM and with the member numbers continuing to rise, there may be more of the old data in the future, however the pure amount of previously unavailable data FAAAAAAAR outweighs the pain of a few out of date contacts.

Also keep in mind jigsaw’s one-for-one refund policy – report the contact info inaccurate or update with correct info and get your point back! I dare you to find another data provider who will refund your bad contacts one-for-one on the spot 🙂

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the accuracy of the data, Jigsaw has an AWESOME support community located at http://community.jigsaw.com

TheCorner (community) has a place for member ideas called the Member Idea Exchange. I invite you to post your ideas and vote on other member suggestions!

Honestly I can say Jigsaw listens to it’s members and they know that their success is only based on the data coming in from its wide member base. Take a look on The Corner and voice you thoughts… they are like no other company taking member concerns to heart

Randy Ayn - 12 years ago

Really? Improvements? I have been a user of Jigsaw since 2004. Has anyone else noticed that the availability of new fresh contacts are just about nil since salesforce bought Jigsaw.

Ayeen Benoza - 12 years ago

Thanks for sharing the updates Miles! I’m pretty sure that Jigsaw will continue to grow for decades, they have been part of the Sales and Marketing industry for the longest time and they’re considered as one of the foundations that has helped in making lives easier and the pace of our work faster. http://bit.ly/ayeen

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