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LinkedIn® Subgroup Followup Q&A

It appears that there is quite a bit of interest around the recent LinkedIn® Subgroup announcement. As a webtool, it seems to provide an answer to many needs you have been asking for.   Two key questions have been coming up and the answers are here:

1)  How many subgroups can I join?
You may join up to 50 subgroups across all parent groups.  This total does not count against your parent group total of 50.

2)  How many subgroups can I create for my parent group?
Up to 20 subgroups can be created within a parent group, but any individual can only create up to 10 Subgroups across all groups.  This limit does not count against your parent-group limit of 10.

If you have additional questons, leave them below as a comment and I will get you the answers as soon as they are available.  The link to the original announcement and analyis of the impact is here.

Astrid Wargenau - 12 years ago

is it possible to turn a sub-group into a seperate main group and if yes, how do I go about that?

Mike O'Neil - 13 years ago

We have now setup two of the very first subgroups on ALL of LinkedIn. They are subgroups to the Linked To Denver Group (findable at Notice that little membership enhancement trick fellow group managers!

To experience subgroups first-hand, join the Linked To Denver group and then, upon approval, you can join either the Denver Entertainment Scene subgroup and/or the Denver and Colorado Events subgroup.

Olivier Taupin - 13 years ago

Hi Miles,

This answers the question I asked in your other blog entry! Many thanks!

However I am not sure I understand the following: “Up to 20 subgroups can be created within a parent group, but any individual can only create up to 10 Subgroups across all groups. ” Does that means the owner of a Group can create only up to 10 of the 20 subgroups and other Group Managers shall create and manage this other 10?

I am looking forward to understanding that part!

Lori Ruff - 13 years ago

I think this new feature is brilliant; but of course needs to be considered and planned carefully to make the most strategic use. It can be very powerful to “promote” people who have areas of expertise in our groups, giving them the ability to be more active and enhance everyone’s experience.

Miles Austin - 13 years ago


Yes, each subgroup is able to have it’s own logo. Just a reminder to everyone, plan your logo and titles in advance because you are only allowed five changes in logo, title and description. Plan ahead and you will keep your sanity

David Reingold - 13 years ago

From a Marketing point of view: Would you think that creating too many sub-groups can divide the attention of the group memberships to the extent that the membership as a whole will not benefit from sub-group postings as they will not view them. Therefore, care needs to be taken when creating sub-groups or the net affect can be less communications. Should consider the benefit of creating a sub-group vs. a new group. New Groups can increase aggregate total [viewers] while sub-group can, but not likely. Sub-groups that do not generate comments or discussions, after a reasonable period of time, should be retired?

David Reingold - 13 years ago

I am assuming that each Sub-group can have its own logo – is this correct.

scottymiller - 13 years ago

LinkedIn is doing a great job of listening to its users. These groups become very informal.

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