9 Strategies Successful Online Marketers Use to Stay Focused

When it comes to being focused and organized, the self-help industry has no shortage of quotes. You may have seen lines such as these…

  • “Your focus determines your reality!”
  • “Focus is more important than genius.”
  • “Focus on the solution and not the problem.”
9 Strategies Successful Online Marketers Use to Stay Focused

Yes, it’s AI

All these maxims and platitudes sound good, BUT they’re too general to help most marketers.

Suppose you follow the first quote above… your focus determines your reality.

What if all you do is focus on buying hyped-up online marketing info products?

You’ll end up broke, tired, and miserable. This is not exactly a pleasant reality and NOT what you pictured.

Successful online marketers focus on what matters – specific results. Everything else is noise. You need to do the same to achieve similar business success.

Let’s jump into these!

Strategy #1 – It all starts with ONE

When you decide to build a business online, it’s imperative that you choose one that is proven to work.

Business models such as affiliate marketing, product creation, Kindle publishing, ecommerce, freelancing, etc. are legitimate and lucrative business models.

You can tell if a business model is proven if there are several other people successfully generating an income with it. There will be tutorial videos on YouTube about it, multiple Facebook groups dedicated to the model and so on.

This is the litmus test to knowing if a business model is proven… and not some fly-by-night scam being paraded by a dishonest vendor.

Important note: You must choose ONE business model and dedicate all your efforts to making it work.

Most successful marketers pick one and excel in it. If you spread your efforts out thinly across too many projects, you’ll be sabotaging your success.

Once you’ve chosen a model that’s in alignment with your innate talents, it’s time to move on to strategy #2…

Strategy #2 – Declutter Your Digital Space

This is the MOST important strategy of the lot. If you do it right, you’ll avoid wasting your time and money because of shiny object syndrome.

Once you’ve chosen a business model, unsubscribe from all email lists that send you emails unrelated to your model. For those lists that remain, filter the emails into a ‘promotions’ folder.

This will keep the promotional emails out of your inbox. You’ll be less likely to get distracted and purchase products that you don’t need.

To amplify your productivity, doing more is only half the equation. Eliminating the unnecessary distractions is the other half… and it’s the more important half.

You’ll also want to declutter your computer desktop and transfer all the unnecessary and unrelated files into a hard drive. Whatever you have in front of you should only be pertinent to the business model you’re involved in.

Successful marketers focus on what’s important to their business. Everything else takes a backseat.

Once you’ve cleaned up your physical and virtual workspace, it’s time to implement the third strategy…

Strategy #3 – Prioritize Like a Pro

In any business model, there will be some tasks that are far more important than others. The key to being a successful marketer is in focusing on these tasks.

Let’s assume you have a Shopify dropshipping store. Your key tasks will be finding products that are in demand and making your ads work.

These are the crucial income-generating activities that move the needle. Focusing on them will yield the most profit.

Trying to tweak the elements in your store to make it look more beautiful or trying to get customers to leave reviews will be helpful… but these activities are nowhere close to the level of importance of the earlier two tasks.

If you want to be a successful marketer, you’ll need to analyze your business model and decide which tasks are the most important to the bottom-line… and dedicate most of your time and energy on them.

Which brings us to the next strategy…

Strategy #4 – Batch Tasks for Peak Efficiency

Let’s assume you’re a blogger who does affiliate marketing. You main job will be to write blog posts that review products and so on.

Generally, these are the tasks (in your process) that will need to be completed when creating a blog post…

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Publishing

Instead of repeating the process over and over for each individual blog post, you’ll need to decide how many blog posts you wish to write in a week.

If that number is 3, then you should batch your tasks… which will mean doing the research for all 3 posts on Monday.

And on Tuesday, you’ll write these posts; on Wednesday you’ll edit them and so on.

This is just an example – but you’ll now understand what batching your tasks means.

It’s akin to working in an assembly line where it’s easier and faster to repeat the same task over and over.

And then move on to the next one and repeat that too. This will help you to stay focused and complete the actions faster than you thought possible.

To pull off this ‘batching tasks’ strategy effectively, you’ll need to plan well – which is what the next strategy is about…

Strategy #5 – Use Notion

Notion is an excellent productivity tool that can help you organize your workflow and keep you focused.

Even with a free account there’s a lot you can do with it. Sign up for an account here and get familiar with the tool.

You can then use it to organize your daily activities, pending tasks and most parts of your busines. Notion is a must-have tool to keep your business organized.

Strategy #6 – Build Unstoppable Momentum

One key difference that separates the successful marketers from the unsuccessful ones is the amount of focused action they take.

Most experienced marketers know exactly what they need to do, and they do it whether they’re in the mood to or not.

Once they get the job done, they’ll experience a boost in dopamine because they know they’ve been productive.

When this process is repeated daily, they gain momentum and become unstoppable. Like Newton’s first law of motion states, “An object at rest remains at rest, and an object in motion remains in motion…”

What that means is, once you get the ball rolling, you’ll build momentum and it’ll be easier to stay focused and finish up your work. You’ll face less resistance on a daily basis.

Most beginners struggle to gain momentum because they procrastinate. When they do not do the work they know they need to do, feelings of guilt crop up.

They try to assuage these feelings by watching marketing videos or consuming marketing content – instead of actually doing the work. Over time, they get depressed… and only feel a slight burst of happiness when they buy new products.

This is one of the main causes of shiny object syndrome. You can’t remedy inaction with retail therapy – even if it’s marketing courses, etc.

If you want to increase your focus, do the necessary work daily even if your mind conjures up a thousand excuses. Once you get started, the process will be easier.

It’s always hardest at the beginning. With time, your focus and mental stamina will increase and you’ll discover that you feel happier and more fulfilled.

Even after you’ve gained momentum. There will be an enemy constantly lurking at the door hoping to trip you up and make you lose your stride… and you’ll need to battle it by using the next strategy…

Strategy #7 – Guard Your Attention

Every single day when you wake up, you have a finite amount of mental and physical energy that depletes throughout the day.

Since your energy flows where your attention goes, investing your focus only where it counts cannot be understated.

With text notifications, social media messages and myriad of other distractions competing for you attention, you must CONSTANTLY be on guard. Most people are stunned when they check their mobile device usage stats and see how many precious hours they fritter away on these devices.

It’s easy to lose time as you doom-scroll on sites like Facebook or Instagram. It’s even more detrimental if you do it early in the day when your energy level is at its highest.

So, watch where your attention is going throughout the day… and practice strategy #8…

Strategy #8 – Become Your Best Analyst

You’ll want to analyze BOTH your wins and losses each day.

If you took certain actions that increased your productivity, you’ll want to focus on repeating them the next day.

If you wasted an hour debating politics with strangers on Facebook, you can take steps to correct this mistake the following day. Maybe you could avoid using your mobile phone for the first 4 hours of the day when you do your deep work.

To succeed online, you’ll need to go through a process of carving yourself into the most productive and focused person that you can be.

It’ll take time, but with constant analysis, self-reflection, and corrective actions, you’ll become a master of productivity and develop laser-like focus.

Strategy #9 – Plan Your Tomorrow, Today

This is a straightforward strategy. Once you’re done with your work for the day, plan out your work tasks and activities for the next day.

  • What will be your 3 most important tasks?
  • Are there any unfinished tasks from today that you need to complete tomorrow?

Questions like these will help you decide what is needed to focus on the next day. By planning ahead of time, you’ll be able to hit the ground running once your day starts.

This is momentum at its finest!

Adopt these 9 strategies and implement them in your daily schedule. It’s not about how much activity you have in your day, but whether you’re doing the correct work daily.

It’s not about how much you learn, but how you apply what you’ve learned through action that matters.

To achieve financial success in your online business, you’ll need to be focused, build momentum, and do what needs to be done, even on days when you’re not feeling like it.

If you can do all of this consistently (even if it’s just 80% of the time), you’ll become a very successful marketer over time. It all starts with you right now.


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