Goofy Developer with Genius New App

Do you personally know a coder or developer? I know several and I gotta’ tell you, they are usually just a little bit goofy. One of my developer friends is Matthew who lives in Australia. A genius when it comes to programming, but goofy none the less. I have over a dozen tools and programs that he has developed and am always happy with the results.

Goofy developer

Well Matthew came up with another of his brilliant ideas and is now ready to share it with the world. He calls it Easy Pay Mobile Terminal. Allow me to explain a bit.

Ever thought about easily accepting payments wherever you are? With the Easy Pay Mobile Terminal, you can transform your phone into a powerful payment terminal!

Key Feature: Easy Pay Mobile Terminal functions as a Mobile WebApp, WordPress Plugin, and Chrome App. Whether you’re at a market, running a pop-up shop, or handling online transactions, it’s got you covered.

  • Benefits: - Convenience: Process payments directly from your phone.
  • Flexibility: Compatible with multiple platforms and devices.
  • Cost-Effective: Get the Unlimited Domains Package for just $14.99 more.

Imagine being able to manage sales, improve customer experience, and grow your business—all without the need for a traditional terminal.

He has a short demo on his page, and his personality is on full display as well as the amazing capabilities of Easy Pay Mobile Terminal. It is worth taking a look here.

See why I immediately bought this to replace all the little adapters, swipe accessories and setups I have accumulated over the years to collect payments at conventions, seminars and even a garage sale or two. Even came in handy over the weekend when I sold a personal item over Facebook Marketplace.

Click here to see quirky Matthew and his amazing new tool/app!

The special introduction offer ends on June 4th, 2024, at midnight GMT. Ready to start? Claim your access today and don’t forget to choose the Unlimited Domains Package before checkout.

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