How to Prevent People From Stealing Your eBooks and Content

How to Prevent People From Stealing Your eBooks and Content

If you have been creating and sharing content online for any length of time, you have probably experienced the gut-twisting feeling when you discover your eBook or slide deck is being shared freely around the web.

I’m not talking about a blog post or LinkedIn post. I’m talking about that whitepaper or eBook, or even that proposal that you provided someone access to that had your permission or purchased it from you, or even received for free as a gift for signing up for your email list.

For some of you, it can represent thousands of dollars in revenue and lost information on those that have been given access.

Would you like to stop this from happening to you ever again? Read further to learn the simplest, most effective way to accomplish this if you are using WordPress.

Your solution is WP LOCK IT UP

WP Lock It Up

WP Lock It Up is a WordPress plugin that costs $17 and will keep any page or post locked up, only available to those that you want to receive it.

If you’re selling digital products online or providing downloadable content like eBooks and training videos, leaving your download pages unprotected could be a bad decision that may cost you money in lost sales and future business.

Many are not aware that if you’re not protecting your download pages, people can gain access with a simple Google search.

Worse yet, your work and download link could be shared across blackhat sites…

It is gut-wrenching to see your hard work available on the dark web or being shared via email with no attribution or payment to you. My new plugin stops this once and for all.

I have received many an email from readers and subscribers, in a panic because someone is giving away your valuable work. By then, the damage is done. Why not get ahead of this problem and use WP Lock It Up now so this doesn’t happen to you in the future.

It installs on any WordPress Site (WordPress is required). Once installed it is as simple as point and click to protect a page or a post that has download links that are worth protecting.

This video below shows you a live site and how easy it is to protect a link, and what happens if someone that is not authorized to access the page tries to get your valuable work.

This is brand new from me, and it was created because many of my customers did not need a full-fledged membership site, or have a number of websites and locking them all down was time-consuming and expensive. Do yourself a favor, if you think you don’t need it now, you will.

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