Measuring Content Marketing Success

Measuring Content Marketing Success

Content marketing tactics such as blog posts, feature articles, optimized website copy, white papers, social media content and press releases move buyers along a specific path. Most people will agree that content marketing generates awareness of your brand, product or service; inspires consumers to engage and consider you; converts them into leads and sales; and creates advocates.

The biggest obstacle to even more adoption is the question “How do I measure the success from these activities?”

This infographic from BrandPoint helps to communicate the why and the how pretty well. If you are in an organization that has not yet embraced this thinking, forward a link to this post for your leaders to review. It should create some further conversation.

Measuring Content Marketing Success Infographic


Would love your comments on these two questions:

  1. Will you be stepping up your content marketing in 2014?
  2. Is there one area of content marketing that you want to get more active in than in the past?
CoachLee - 9 years ago

Studio One asked about how do you know your content marketing is working. As it was said in the short TV series Dinatopia – One drop of water raises the ocean’s level. You know how well your content is doing by engagement through ReTweets, shares,  the number of visits to your blog and most importantly the number of new clients you secure.

CoachLee - 9 years ago

I attended a workshop by Google and one interesting fact was over 50% of all small businesses nationwide do not have a website.  Without my website, I would not have secured 50% of the clients I have earned over the last 16 years of business. My executive coaching clients are 80% from social media and the Internet.

Miles Austin - 9 years ago

Thanks for your thoughts Leanne. I find it very interesting that most B2B leaders I talk to say that they are not using Facebook for business, It appears that they are missing an opportunity as this research found that 41% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through Facebook.

CoachLee - 9 years ago

I loved this graphic because it shows the impact of integrated marketing within social media and organic searching. And more importantly, it demonstrated that content marketing is a great way to build a relationship while establishing trust through credibility.

What I will be doing differently is building or joining additional communities to increase the reach of my content marketing efforts. 

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Measuring Content Marketing Success | Cardiff C... - 9 years ago

[…] Content marketing tactics such as blog posts, feature articles, optimized website copy, white papers & social media content move buyers along a specific path.  […]

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