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How Ideas Spread

StoryJuice-How Ideas Spread and Brands Grow

“You know it when you hear it. That great story or idea. That one that’s got “juice” – energy, excitement, possibility. That is what this ebook is about.”

I want to try something new with you today. A friend recently shared a link to an eBook that I found to be very helpful on the topic of How Ideas Spread and Brands Grow. The book is called StoryJuice.  You can either make it full page and read it here (93 pages) or open it, click on full screen option and then click  on “Download Original” in the upper right hand corner. Tell me what you think of this method of delivering information, as well as your thought on the content. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

StoryJuiceBook FullBook final pdf
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