Prospecting Gets A Fresh New Look

Prospecting Gets A Fresh New Look

New Sales. Simplified. is one of those books that can change the path of your career. It is that good.

Prospecting is a topic that every sales organization should be talking about every day. It has been the core focus of my entire sales career, so when I am introduced to an author and a book about sales prospecting and new client acquisition I will be eager to dive in.

New Sales Simplified book coverMike Weinberg is someone I met online earlier this year, and then in person in Chicago several months ago. It became immediately clear that he not only has experience as a top notch sales hunter, but has a passion for the topic. At our meeting I learned that he was nearing the completion of his book titled New Sales. Simplified. and he wondered if I would be interested in reading it.  Sold!

It became clear in the first few pages of New Sales. Simplified. that Mike has paid his dues, walked in the B2B outside salesman’s shoes, facing challenging sales objectives all along the way. He has won (and lost a few) in the streets. In other words – he is credible.

You simply need to buy the book and read it from front to back. There is a ton of useful information within it’s covers for anyone that has the need and desire to uncover new sales opportunities.  He covers everything from identifying the right attitude for the role, to identifying the targeted prospects, to the tactics he uses to gain the appointment, the sale and eventually the relationship.

There is no fluff in this book. He hits topics like “inside sales” and “Sales 2.0” head on and with gusto. He believes in field sales, face to face and traditional selling.  I don’t agree with everything that he writes, specifically around inside sales and Sales 2.0, but this book will still be a ready, frequent reference in my office.


Sales is not easy, hunting is even tougher, and the rewards for being good at hunting are proof of it’s value. I will repeat what I said to start this post:

New Sales. Simplified. is one of those books that can change the path of your career. It is that good.”

Buy it, read it, internalize what he recommends and I guarantee you that you will achieve greater sales success. Period, end of discussion.


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