Sales Management Is Hurting Sales Performance

Sales Management Is Hurting Sales Performance

As the year begins winding down, sales teams are beginning to realize that expectations are not going to be met. In too many cases, missed by a lot. This is the season of finger-pointing, placing blame, creative excuses and hopefully for some honest self-reflection. It is also a time to learn, and that is what this post is about.

Respected sales consultant and #1 best-selling author Mike Weinberg has released his new book titled Sales Management. Simplified.

Building on his direct, no-holds barred approach that propelled his first book, New Sales. Simplified. to best-seller status for several years in a row, Weinberg directs his focus this time to sales management and senior executives.

Click to watch my overview of Sales Management. Simplified.

Look at your results. Look at your performance – personally and as a team. Look at your career. If you are like most of us, there is room to improve in all areas. Buy this book and enjoy the benefits in the months and years ahead.

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