Top Sales Experts-Are You Engaged?

Top Sales Experts-Are You Engaged?

For most of us in sales, the pace of our day continues to speed up.  Customers are beginning to inquire and spend once again, though cautiously.  Information is everywhere and flowing past our eyes and ears faster than we can digest it all.  Web tools that enable us to earn more customer interactions are prevalent and productive.

The pace of innovation and education for sales professionals is on the same pace.  How many blogs, books, webinars, workshops, social networking services and live events are you able to effectively utilize?  As a sales professional, our need to stay informed and current has never been greater.

I am excited to announce that I have been invited to participate in a team with a clear vision focused on helping sales professionals take control of their own growth and have accepted the invitation. Top Sales Experts (TSE) is Building THE Most Significant Worldwide Sales Community on the Internet. Period!  TSE brings you the most successful, innovative and inspiring collection of professional sales gurus ever assembled in one location.

Take the TSE VIP tour

Why? We want to help you to be “the best of the best.” We want you to achieve your sales goals. We want the same thing you do—success!

  • Get more prospects
  • Shorten your sales cycles
  • Sell to big companies
  • Grow existing customers
  • Negotiate better deals
  • Give more powerful presentations
  • Cold calling decision-makers
  • Build your business through referrals

The TSE team delivers all of these solutions in ways that work best for YOU!

  • Training
  • Keynotes
  • Coaching
  • Tele-seminars
  • Masterclasses
  • Roundtable Panels

MORE RESOURCES than you will ever need! Register for FREE and get easy access to a wealth of truly unique materials to support you.

  • Articles- 1000’s of them
  • How To Guides
  • Podcasts
  • And more

Registration is free and will open a whole new world of information, training and insight.  TSE MASTERCLASSES are $59.50 per session and the ROUNDTABLES are just $99.50.

Want to be part of the MOST EXCLUSIVE SALES CLUB in the world?  Membership in the TSE VIP ZONE gets you FREE masterclasses, roundtables, daily interviews…and a whole lot more.  Plus receive advice from all of the TSE Team.  Really!  I am sure you can see the value in the VIP Zone already for only $49.50, but as a reader of Fill the Funnel you can become a full VIP Zone member for only $25.00 by clicking on the graphic below.

Take the TSE VIP tour

Take the tour and discover the terrific value provided by becoming a member of the VIP Zone.  Look through the list of experts that you will have access to.  If you agreed with me at the beginning of this post that you need to gain control of the flood of sales information, take the tour and join me on the Top Sales Experts VIP Zone by clicking on the graphic above and paying the special rate of $25.00 as a Fill the Funnel reader.  I look forward to seeing you in the VIP Zone!

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