What Is Your Headline?

What Is Your Headline?

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What is your headline? What is it that you want to have others know about you? It seems to be one of the most challenging questions for sales people to answer.

Your headline-that short phrase that describes you, is used extensively across social media, email signatures, business cards and more. It is usually just a few characters or words. LinkedIn provides 120 characters for this purpose. It is really not much space yet it is a very difficult space to fill up effectively.

Most of us have participated in training programs in which we are asked to create our ‘elevator pitch’. That is always a struggle because you have to fill up sixty seconds or so to deliver your message. It seems easy on the surface but when you put fingers to the keyboard to actually craft it, the brain freeze occurs.

Creating an effective headline is something you can do right now-immediately. Creating an effective headline can make a difference in your business. Maybe the most important result is that if requires you to think hard about what you want to be known for. What do you want your customers to say about you and know about you?

What makes an effective headline?

  1. Evokes an emotional response
  2. Narrowly focused
  3. Lack of buzzwords
  4. Honest
  5. Accurate
  6. Clear and concise
  7. Creative
  8. Unique

Some benefits of creating an effective personal headline:

  • When someone is recommending you and your value, your headline can give them some assistance by using the headline you have created.
  • Helps you be found more readily online by those who are looking for what your headline includes.
  • Focuses others on what you are great at.

Take action on this opportunity. Invest some time to work on your headline, and continue to tweak it from time to time. Add it everywhere you can. Listen and learn how your customers are referencing your headline. Ask your customers, your colleagues and your partner. Make note of their suggestions and then sit down and create your headline.

What is your headline? Share it here in the comments.

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