Where Do You Find New B2B Leads

Where Do You Find New B2B Leads?

How do you consistently—from day to day and year to year—find new leads? It’s been a challenge since the creation of modern business plans and techniques. Churning through lead after lead isn’t the answer, especially if the few sales you make are a one-and-done type of business-to-business sales. But there are some time-tested and proven strategies that can help you, whether you’re starting new or simply looking to refine what you’re doing.
It would be a mistake to ignore the information you glean from social channels. It’s not a cure-all for everything that might ail your sales, but it can lead to some solid sales information and possibilities. But you do have to take into consideration what social media platforms you’re using, and how deep their connection and possibilities are.
And let’s return to that idea of quality versus quantity: A quality lead is one that has the potential to return, sale after sale, and grow too. What more can you learn about lead generation? This graphic explains it.

6 Top B2B Lead-Generation Strategies