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Newest Wireless Tool Increases Sales Productivity

We spend much of our time at Fill the Funnel training and writing about Web Tools for Salesmakers. In other words – software. This post crosses over that line for a rare recommendation of a physical device – Cellular WiFi Intelligent Mobile hotspots.

I have been a satisfied user of a cellular USB modem for several years, allowing me to connect from any location that I find myself in within the U.S. Just plug it in, fire up the software and I get an internet connection. Easy connections anywhere are truly a requirement for me as we run our entire operation in the “Cloud”. No internet access means that I cannot do my job, so this topic is considered mission critical for Fill the Funnel operations.

Recently several wireless carriers have rolled out a new device they call Mobile Hotspots. These new devices are different in that you can still use it in the same manner with a small USB Cable connected directly to your laptop.

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Huddle-Innovation in Collaboration

Collaboration tools are one of the hottest segments in webtools at this moment. is one of these online collaboration webtools. While the collaboration space is becoming crowded Huddle continues to innovate and learn what its users would like to see in its product. Here are some key reasons why salesmakers should evaluate Huddle’s offering:

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