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Huddle-Innovation in Collaboration

Collaboration tools are one of the hottest segments in webtools at this moment. is one of these online collaboration webtools. While the collaboration space is becoming crowded Huddle continues to innovate and learn what its users would like to see in its product. Here are some key reasons why salesmakers should evaluate Huddle’s offering:

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Web Tools for Salesmakers-Why All The Buzz?

There is a noticeable increase in chatter about Web Tools to enhance your sales effort.  Social networks are humming about them.  Sales 2.0 conferences and sales gatherings are building their agenda’s around them.  Similar to the explosion of those that refer to themselves as social media “experts” over the last year or so, you are […]

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RSS-Must Have For Sales Makers

If  I want to get a quick read on the current state of Sales 2.0 WebTools awareness of a potential client, I bring up RSS. Most often, RSS is one of those WebTools that you have heard about but are not sure what benefits you might receive from using it and even less likely to […]

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