The Best Tools Are Created To Fix A Tedious Task - Like This

Why are technology and tools coming into the market at an ever-increasing pace? I believe the primary reason is that the best tools are created to fix a tedious task. My expression for years has been “tech the tedious”.

Developers are learning to seek out the frustrating, time-sucking, repetitive tasks that are necessary in our daily business life and applying technology to automate these tasks.

Today’s example came about specifically because of one of these frustrating, tedious tasks when working with WordPress.

Once your WordPress website and/or blog grows to have more than 20 plus pages or posts, you realize that it is starting to become cumbersome to find a specific page/post to add new content or add edits. This occurs because WordPress shows 20 pages on the screen at one time, and requires a click on an arrow to go to the next page.

This blog, and many of my sites, especially sites that house training courses quickly run into the hundreds of pages. If you have been blogging for more than a year, you can find yourself sorting through 800 to 1,000 blog posts or more, 20 per page. This had become a major time-suck and nuisance.

Some of my clients have over 1,000 blog posts and their page count is growing at a rapid rate. This is a recipe for extreme frustration.

Let me introduce you to WP Switch Pages.

With this simple WordPress plugin installed, you can now click on the pull-down arrow and scroll through all your pages or posts quickly, and move directly to that page to continue your work.

Here is what a WordPress dashboard looks like before installing the plugin

and here is what you see after it is installed.


Problem fixed. I have been enjoying this for almost a month and I can’t imagine being without it. That is an example of value delivered by technology and tools.

Here is the best part. You can have this plugin at no cost – FREE.

So why is WP Switch Pages free?

Best question of the day! Very simply, the cost to develop this plugin has been recovered over a year ago. I create, sell and support WordPress websites for my clients. I am always seeking new customers that want to improve their WordPress experience and results.

So I decided why not give this valuable plugin away in exchange for the name and email address of people that have an interest. You are added to a special email list that is reserved just for my WordPress customers.

As a subscriber, you will receive emails about products and services that could be of value to you, consisting of plugins I personally own and endorse, training programs and webinars, and helpful information coming from the leading edge of my WordPress experience.

Pretty simple, exchange your name and email address for a WordPress Plugin that will save you hours of work every week.

Click the link, download and activate it, and then discover how much easier it is to work on your website.