Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

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What a great time of year to reflect on the people and events that I have had the privilege to connect with since this holiday a year ago and prior. The web tool creators are continuing to dazzle and amaze me. The readers of this blog grew again last year in the biggest increase since I started this over four years ago. My clients have opened their minds and businesses to innovative new tools and strategies to reach new customers.  My students continually amaze me in their enthusiasm and willingness to build the foundations of their new business presence demanded from society to succeed. The authors that wrote the books that I have read, sometimes more than once, continue to challenge my thinking, my assumptions and my day to day activities in ways that I could never have thought of and I am grateful.

A special thank you to my family for putting up with my seeming never ending need for another Starbucks run and a stop by the technology stores to check out the latest gizmo’s and gadgets.

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and those important to you. Let’s all hope we are able to do it again a year from now.