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The 2019 Banning of Videos

Struggling to get views on your videos?
Welcome to the club – you’re not alone.
Something happened… Something NO ONE saw coming.
People noticed views dropping (and when I say dropping, I mean halving overnight).
People were scrambling in Facebook groups, private chats, Skype conversations. You name it.
  • Are your views down?”
  • Did you hear the news?”
Chrome, Safari, FireFox… All major browsers BANNED the auto-playing of videos.
This is now a reality, videos don’t auto-play anymore.
So over the past few months, you may have seen things like these over videos:
    • Click to unmute video”
    • Click to play”
    • Click for sound”
This is because people now need to CLICK your videos to get them to play.
Some people haven’t even noticed and this means people are scrolling STRAIGHT PAST their videos because an auto-paused video actually looks like an image (not a video).
…So their visitors don’t know to click on it.
How do we capture the attention of our visitors to get them to click play on our videos?
The fact is, up until now it simply hasn’t been possible to create the ‘click to play’ call-to-actions up without hiring a developer to custom code one for each and every video. That racks up expensive designer and development bills.
Imagine something that took all this off your hands, and handled it for you?
They have taken the exact same concept that every marketer and advertising guru uses for advertising…
You know what I’m talking about, right?
Boring, dull images not getting clicks anymore on Facebook, etc.
They simply replace their images with engaging, eye-catching moving images/GIFs/videos and BAM – their clicks go up, their costs go down and sales rise.
and applied this GENIUS engagement hack to VIDEO!
Playboost is the ONLY tool that allows you to create captivating, animated thumbnails that automatically place themselves over your existing videos on any landing pages/website:
  • Without logging into any video platform (…simply paste in your existing video link).
  • Without ‘locking’ you into using any third-party player (use your existing video hosting service – even FREE ones such as YouTube).
  • Without hiring designers and coders to customize your own call-to-action experience.
  • Without replacing or editing anything in your video platform or builder.
  • Without replacing any embed codes (playboost auto-detects your video on your existing page).
Your visitors will NEVER miss one of your videos again…
Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps:
  • Insert your existing video link into playboost (no re-upload necessary, they support YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Vidello, and Amazon S3 links).
  • Design a captivating animated thumbnail for your video using the playboost drag ‘n drop editor.
  • Paste one line of code on your site and watch your clicks and views increase!
That’s it!
Use Playboost to increase views for your new or existing videos.
They are currently in the process of launching this amazing new technology for the next couple of days so you have a chance to get a copy before it goes way up and probably moves to a subscription model.

Check out Playboost here (and save $70 before launch ends)…